Common Parameters

The following parameters are valid for all requests no matter which element is requested. If a parameter has a shorter form, it’s given in parentheses.

Param Short Description
from/to f/t
Accepted formats:
  • ISO 8601 subset - YYYY-MM-DD[THH:MM]
  • ‘today’, ‘yesterday’, ‘tomorrow’ and ‘now’
  • days in the future/past: ‘[+/-]DdHHhMMm’
pretty p Pretty-print the output. When exporting as JSON it will include whitespace to make the json more human-readable.
onlypublic op Only return results visible to unauthenticated users when set to yes.
onlyauthed oa Fail if the request is unauthenticated for any reason when this is set to yes.
cookieauth ca Use the Indico session cookie to authenticate instead of an API key.
nocache nc Disable caching of results when this is set to yes.
limit n Return no more than the X results.
offset O Skip the first X results.
detail d Specify the detail level (values depend on the exported element)
order o Sort the results. Must be one of id, start, end, title.
descending c Sort the results in descending order when set to yes.
tz - Assume given timezone (default UTC) for specified dates. Example: Europe/Lisbon.