Event Management

class indico.modules.events.management.controllers.RHManageEventBase

Base class for event management RHs.

class indico.modules.events.management.views.WPEventManagement(rh, event_, active_menu_item=None, **kwargs)

Base class for event management pages.

When using this class the template will always have event available; it is not necessary to pass it as a kwarg when calling the render_template classmethod.

When using the class directly, pass the menu item as a posarg:

return WPEventManagement.render_template('foobar.html', self.event, 'foobar',

When subclassing you can set sidemenu_option on the class, allowing you to omit it. This is recommended if you have many pages using the same menu item or if you already need to subclass for some other reason (e.g. to set a template_prefix or include additional JS/CSS bundles):

return WPSomething.render_template('foobar.html', self.event,

Whether the WP is used for management (adds suffix to page title)