5. Files

5.1. General Information

The file export is only available for authenticated users, i.e. when using an API key and a signature (if enabled).

5.2. URL Format


All ID’s should be single ID, not separated list.

The EVENT_ID should be the event ID, e.g. 123.
The SESSION_ID (optional) should be the session ID, e.g. 4.
The CONTRIBUTION_ID (optional) should be the contribution ID, e.g. 3.
The SUBCONTRIBUTION_ID (optional) should be the sub-contribution ID, e.g. 1.
The MATERIAL_ID should by the material name if it came default group e.g. Slides or material ID if not, e.g. 2.
The RESOURCE_ID should by the resource ID.
Only supported TYPE for files is bin (binary data).

5.3. Parameters


5.4. Detail Levels

5.4.1. file

Returns file (or an error in JSON format).

For example: https://indico.server/export/event/23/session/0/contrib/3/material/slides/3.bin?ak=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000