5. Files

5.1. General Information

The file export is only available for authenticated users, i.e. when using an API key and a signature (if enabled).

5.2. URL Format


All ID’s should be single ID, not separated list.

The EVENT_ID should be the event ID, e.g. 123.
The SESSION_ID (optional) should be the session ID, e.g. 4.
The CONTRIBUTION_ID (optional) should be the contribution ID, e.g. 3.
The SUBCONTRIBUTION_ID (optional) should be the sub-contribution ID, e.g. 1.
The MATERIAL_ID should by the material name if it came default group e.g. Slides or material ID if not, e.g. 2.
The RESOURCE_ID should by the resource ID.
Only supported TYPE for files is bin (binary data).

5.3. Parameters


5.4. Detail Levels