CentOS / CC7

Except for minor differences, these guides apply to vanilla CentOS 7/8 and also the CERN flavor of CentOS 7, CC7 (CentOS CERN 7).

We have not tested the installation guides with CentOS Stream 8, as there are no up to date official Postgres packages available yet.


CentOS 8 is only supported with nginx, as some important packages (mod_xsendfile and mod_proxy_uwsgi) are not (yet?) available for CentOS 8 in first-party repos. Once they are in EPEL, there is a good chance the guide will work as expected.


Please note that you must use Apache if you intend to use SSO using Shibboleth. If that’s not the case because you do not use SSO at all or use e.g. OAuth, OIDC or SAML without Shibboleth, we recommend using nginx.